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An Online Metric Graph Paper Tool

29 July 2012

I recently needed to do some rough, to-scale drawings for a weekend project and being someone more comfortable with a trackpad than a pen, didn’t want to deal with the tedium of graph paper, rulers and pencils. What an age right.

I ended up discovering this incredibly simple virtual graph paper by Garrett Bartley. It uses the HTML5 <canvas> element to create a drawable, scalable, exportable grid that will do straight lines sans-ruler.

Garrett’s version is, however, in imperial measurements so I made some minor changes to convert it to the metric system for those of us not in the US.

So here it is, the metric online graph paper. Bookmark it, download it, change it, it’s all open source like the original. I’m planning to update it in the future when I figure out a reliable way to detect screen ppi so the grid can display in real-world measurements.