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Disabling jQuery No Conflict Mode in WordPress

20 October 2012

The bundled WordPress jQuery ships in noConflict() mode (only supporting the jQuery variable), meaning any jQuery that uses $ doesn’t run. Although wrapping it in a function that passes the variable as an alias works, it doesn’t work for scripts you include from elsewhere that might use the $. Plus it’s a massive headache. If you’re sure you’re not using any other libraries that would conflict, here’s how you bring $ back.

Straight after <?php wp_head(); ?> in header.php enter:

[codesyntax lang=”javascript”]

<script>var $ = jQuery.noConflict();</script>


Now just make sure your other scripts are included below that line. If you’re using wp_enqueue_script, you could also include this code in a separate file and set is a dependency for your other scripts.