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Fixing Safari 6 Web Inspector

19 October 2012

This little hack has made my day. Safari used to be my default browser up until Safari 6. It’s fast, integrates in with everything (classic Apple-style) and doesn’t force-feed you Flash.

But then Apple vandalised the Web Inspector, I used it every day and the new one just sucks. It’s slow, live editing is the most convoluted process ever, resource tracking is miserable and the whole thing looks like something that came out of Windows 95.

I’d just admitted defeat, and used Chrome for everything until I stumbled upon this hack to bring back the old Inspector from Webkit Nightlies. Turns out it’s just a matter of replacing some source files:

I remembered that the Web Inspector itself was written using HTML/CSS/JavaScript so I started to think, could I not simply replace the source files for the Web Inspector? After just a few minutes of playing around I found a way to get Safari to use the WebKit Web Inspector.

And it works! I had to useĀ r121872 because CSS styles don’t work in the latest build, but now I have a fully functional vanilla WebKit Inspector. Nerd bliss.