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Introducing Carousel

08 August 2013

Today I’m super excited to release my second open source project, Carousel. It’s just another jQuery carousel/slideshow plugin, but I think it’s damn versatile and have loved using it over the past few months as it’s been in development.

Demos, docs and downloads are at, but read on for the full lowdown.

Why another carousel plugin?

There are some incredible, powerful Carousel plugins out there. Flexslider, Nivo Slider and Amazing Slider are a few that come to mind, and they’re great when you want to create a traditional image slider with wicked animations. Start moving other types of content or customising styles and you’re having a harder time.

Carousel is the opposite – it sets up great functionality without much on top. It’s autonomous, not needing specific classes or DOM. The bundled CSS/LESS is for functionality only (no themes) and the script is a mere 5kb. It’s also responsive, without relying on JavaScript.

What can it do?

A lot! Image slideshows, content carousels, fading fullscreen backgrounds, paged forms, mini presentations. Anything that involves moving between different screens, carousel can power. I’ve already been using it for web apps to move through welcome screens, and for mini paged donation forms.

You’ve got access to a full API to control what the carousel does, there’s no limit on where navigation needs to be, or what form it needs to take.

Gimme docs!

Everything is up at or check out the GitHub repository. It’s still a 0.9 release, though 1.0 is not far away.

Happy to provide limited support through GitHub, and let me know about any issues you come across!